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PIER 132 Lounge MURAL

I love to paint on a big scale. A well placed, well executed mural can dramatically transform a space. It turns a plain wall into something beautiful and unique that tells a story about the people who dwell there. For me, it is a privilege to take part in the creation of something that will delight the humans that encounter the artwork for years to come.

I consider myself a collaborative artist.  Most of my clients would not consider themselves artists, yet what we create together is more gratifying and interesting than my perspective alone.  Because my work is site-specific, each project offers a unique environmental dynamic.  I aim to create artwork that will be a perfect fit for the space, taking into consideration the perspective from which the artwork is viewed, the lighting, the scale of the space, the colors and mood, and the story we want to tell with the piece. 

Most importantly, let's have fun with it!  The whole process of brainstorming, creating, and fine tuning the finished piece is a unique adventure.