Edgucated Strictly Through Our Streets

LANCE (ESTOS) BRADLEY was born in New York City, New York in 1968. Since first creating a name for him self in the early 1980, LANCE has become an "eternal broadcaster" of sorts, shining a light to the kinetic urban soul of New York. The name ESTOS itself evokes the timeless power, movement and visual vibrancy behind the artist's acclaimed work. His work merges style and paint, time with color and culture. Whether his paintings hang in a gallery or wall on the streets of New York City, they serve as an Estos visual concept which we view the urban journal of contemporary art.

At an early age, Lance realized his talent an used it as a tool to escape the turmoil of the urban ghetto. Lance started doing art at the age 5 when his grand parents purchased him an oil paint set for Christmas. That's when he discovered his raw talent and his true love for art. As years went on Lance has adventured in many different medias of art. In the early 1980's he took an interest in graffiti when his tag/artist name ESTOS was discovered, which is the abbreviation for EDUCATED STRICTLY THROUGH OUR STREETS. Since then LANCE has worked for many different record companies in the industry like Bad Boy, Def Jam, Inter scope,  Epic, Columbia and Relativity records to name a few. He work with magazine companies Like Don Diva and created adds for Rolling Stone Magazine. He does graphic clothing designs for major companies also. He is best known for style and incandescent color palette reflecting an eclectic artistic tradition. LANCE became just as notorious for his ornate painting technique as his timeless style: LANCE has also attend PARSON University for Visual Communication/ Graphic Designs.

In 1999 LANCE was diagnosed with kidney failure and had to go on dialysis. On September 2001 LANCE received his first kidney transplant from his brother VERNON . Two years later his kidney transplant started to fail due to a the BK virus. In 2009 Lance had to receive dialysis treatments again and now was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure. In May 2010 LANCE received his second kidney from long time girl friend DIANNE . In 2012 Dianne and I where married. Even tho LANCE has been dealing with an up hill battle with his health his artwork has not been affected and his talent continues to thrive.

Today, Lance Estos Bradley health is great and he teaches art classes and he contributed to large-scale mural projects. He also has his work displayed in art galleries nationally and internationally From New York City ,San Francisco, California, Dallas Texas, and Athens Greece. One of his International Project was displayed in Athens, Greece. In the Berny Museum Gallery Titled: Hope and Dreams In Hard Times in NYC photo graphed by Alexadros Lambrovassilis. Lance artwork has also been displayed in the Historic Society Museum in NYC Title MLK Folk Murals photo graphed by Carmilo Jose Vergara.

Lance Estos Bradley will continue working with inner city children teaching them how to paint, do sculptures and many other medias of art. While preparing them for there future to own there own company.